I tied for 51st place in North America… not bad but I could of done better since my rating at one point was 1786, played 59 games. I went 17-3 on my first day (did pretty good) on my second day I went 10-10 (definitely did not play my best) and brought it back on the third day somewhat and then did pretty terrible between my 10th-15th matches of that day. Honestly I did better than what I expected. I do regret bringing Mega Venusaur I only used it 4 times and lost twice with it, bringing amoonguss would have been the better choice. even though I did not like the way my team matched up against rain teams I only went up against 2 of those mega Venusaur definitely winning me one of those. My team consisted of Mega Kang, Spec’s Gardevoir, Scarf’d Salamence, Rotom H, Aegislash, Mega Venusaur. 
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